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Why do people suicide???

2007-09-10 03:18:04 by seruvath

Well.. Since 2003 or so, i started popping up quick shorts of a series with no name... (aka sin series).

The only thing that the title of each episode had in common, was the "in the xxx...".

They revolve around different situations that involve a certain degree of emotional stress (i.e. hopeless love, madness, tension, etc..). The main character in the series, is a strange being (blue heart-shaped thing), that manifestates itself to people with emotional turmoil. After it shows itself, its pretty much over for whoever witnesses it.... The "creature" will utter the word "SIN", and maybe to a few lucky ones some other words.. but the fate is the same.

Somehow, the person will end up suiciding in a gruesome, immediate way (stabbing scissors into his skull, smashing his head against a wall), in the case of children who dont have access or strength for violent meassures, theyr own internal biological mechanisms will finish them off (autoinmune mediated internal hemorage)...

Anyways, it is building onto something, but i dont have much time for further development at the moment. What is the creature? where does it come from? whats the pattern of its victims? all this is part of the story, that i one day intend to finish when i have time to sharpen my flash skills.

In the meantime, enjoy the 5 episodes in the series...


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2007-09-10 10:44:27

Becuase there weak & can't possibley cope with life.
The bastards.


2007-09-10 12:22:31

Normalmente se suicidan porque no le encuentran sentido a la vida, estan aburridos de su vida diaria o al estar delante de un problema y ven que el suicidio es la manera mas rapida de desacerse del el. Hope you talk spanish, if you don't.... lol, sorry.


2007-09-10 13:21:41

"Why do people suicide???"

to get to the other side?



2007-09-10 15:07:38

I try to commit suicide sometimes.


2007-12-01 10:19:58

You look like the FBI dude from Prison Break lol